LetsScan combines scanning and text recognition in the most smooth and graceful way. It turns your camera into a magical scanner that not only scans but also extracts text from your documents within one second!

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How it works

Scan Partly or
A Whole Page

You can adjust the position in order to remove background, select only a part, or include a whole page when scanning.

Text recognition is available right after the scanning. You can choose to send the original files as JPEG and PDF documents, or make full use of the editable text before sending them as JPEG, PDF, and TEXT documents.


How it works

Extract and
Edit Text

You are going to get a fast hand to help you extract useful text from images and copy or revise them easily afterwards.

You will get a complete editable text file out of your scanned documents by using the text extraction function. You can also just import a file or photo from your phone and then extract text.

You get both the rich text and the text keeping the original layout when extracting text. With layout, you will be able to select easily to edit only part of the text.

Once you are in the text, you will get your work quickly done by simply copying the text, writing new text, and looking up or saving text such as addresses, names, telephone numbers, hyperlinks, etc. on your phone.


LetsScan Makes
Your Work Faster


About us

LetsScan is a Danish software company. We help those who not only want to scan their documents, but also want to interact with the results of their scannings on a phone.

Our powerful technology makes the scanning and text extraction process happen fast at the same time. It works offline too when you need to scan, extract text, edit text, and save your documents.

The ease of pulling text out of a document, and making full use of it on the go allow LetsScan to make people’s everyday life so much easier.

This means that you will be able to collect keypoints, quotations, paragraphs, hyperlinks, etc. from printed books, and work at them directly within the app.

You will also be able to save contact lists easily from business cards onto your phone. And you can now look up any physical names simply by scanning and copying the text into a search engine.

Inspired by technology, and live with inspirations. Our goal is to scan with imagination, and live life with less limitations, powered by a simple app.

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Fruebjergvej 3
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Scan with Imagination


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