April 5, 2022

Why should you consider LetsScan?

LetsScan is a simple but powerful scanning app. It has many useful features that are commonly used for daily office and study scanning, and it gives users the best scanning experience through an optimised design. 

Here are a few reasons explaining why you should consider LetsScan in your daily work and study:

1. The best scanned quality 

There are a lot of benefits using LetsScan to scan a copy of your documents. It is convenient and it has the best quality among all scanning apps. 

Scanning both sides of IDs into one document, or scanning multiple pages of a document into one PDF file are all easy. 

The scanned quality is very clear and sharp. 

You can decide to keep your scanned result as an image or as a PDF file.

Exporting your scanned documents is free.

You can share your documents as PDF or PNG formats. 

2. The most powerful text recognition (OCR) tool

LetsScan makes it super easy to recognise text from images and PDF files. It stores the text into an editable text editor.

You will get the exact text that you are aiming for, and it is REALLY working FAST. 

With only one click, then you can copy all text into your clipboard. 

Having the greatest text editor installed in LetsScan, you will enjoy a journey of undisturbing writing and making changes to your text. 

Given the many possibilities of text actions, LetsScan allows you to do more than just one task at a time, fx. copying and pasting, editing, reading aloud, formatting, etc.

3. Free import and export (no watermark)

Import and export is possible in LetsScan. Exporting does not add any unnecessary water mark. It is totally clean and free to share your documents to any platform. 

4. Easy to overview and organise documents.

There are three possibilities to overview documents in LetsScan. All are clearly designed and pleasant to the eyes.

Users enjoy a seamless easiness in document actions. Delete, share, open, move to folders, rename, and get text from a document are all accessible through the quick action.

It is smooth to navigate among documents and folders.

The search functionality allows users to quickly find the wanted documents. 

5. Sign a document on your iPhone

You can sign a document in LetsScan by taking a photo or importing from your photo library or files on iPhone. 

Style your signature in colours.

Move your signature to anywhere in your document. 

Send signed documents forward to your colleagues.

6. No ads.

March 29, 2022

How do I copy text from an image to my phone?

A great text recognition technology is important for everyone, especially academia and the business community. It solves your problems at work and improves your productivity dramatically.

When will you need to copy text from an image to your phone? 

  1. When someone hands you a business card.
  2. When you receive a screenshot that shows a list of important items.
  3. You want to copy the names of your many folders on your PC.
  4. When you want to repeat the same paragraph from a legal document.
  5. If you collect famous quotes from classic literature authors. 
  6. You have references in image format during your research.
  7. You are doing text mining. 
  8. You are doing qualitative data analysis in a software such as NVivo.
  9. You are doing media analysis.
  10. You are doing discourse analysis.
  11. You are a linguist. 
  12. And other cases.

How do you copy text from an image to your phone?

  1. Download the LetsScan app on the Apple App Store to your iPhone.
  2. Open LetsScan.
  3. Open your image either by taking a picture or inserting through your iPhone photo library or files.
  4. Click the “Scan” icon in the image file.
  5. LetsScan will show you the most accurate editable text that is scanned from your image.
  6. Copy the text to your clipboard.
  7. Or send the text as RTF and TXT format to other devices.
  8. Or make changes in LetsScan to your text.
  9. Export your text as PDF, PNG, RTF, and TXT files. 
  10. Go back to your image and close the file.
  11. The image is saved in LetsScan.
  12. When you open the image and click “scan” again, it will show your latest text if you have made changes. 

The above process works the same for a PDF file if you want to copy all text from a PDF file. 

March 22, 2022

How do I edit the text of a scanned document?

Here is what you can do in order to edit the text of a scanned document:

  1. Download the LetsScan app on your iPhone.
  2. Open LetsScan
  3. Import the scanned document into LetsScan
  4. Open the document in LetsScan
  5. Click the “Scan” icon at the tap-bar 
  6. The text of your scanned document will be shown as plain text 
  7. Edit your text using the editor bar
  8. Send your text as PDF, PNG, RTF, and TXT format.

If using LetsScan to scan a document, you will be able to edit your scanned document in LetsScan by following the above procedure, except that you don’t import the file, but you scan it instead.

March 15, 2022

How do I sign a document on my iPhone?

With an e-signature creating tool on your iPhone you can sign your important documents easily even if you are on the move.

If you want to sign a digital document on your iPhone, do this:

  1. Download LetsScan from the Apple App Store.
  1. Open LetsScan and import your document into LetsScan.
  1. Click the “Sign” icon in LetsScan.
  1. Draw your signature with your fingers.
  1. Click “Add Name and Date to Signature” if you want.
  1. Click “Insert”
  1. Now you can move or resize your e-signature on your document.
  1. Save your signed document within the app, or save it to your iPhone Files, or send it further anytime.

If you only have a physical copy of your document, do this:

  1. Download LetsScan from the Apple App Store.
  1. Open LetsScan and take a photo of your document.
  1. Click “Keep scan” and then “Save”.
  1. Click the “Sign” icon in LetsScan.
  1. Draw your signature with your fingers.
  1. Click “Add Name and Date to Signature” if you want.
  1. Click “Insert”
  1. Now you can move or resize your e-signature on your document.
  1. Save your signed document within the app, or save it to your iPhone Files, or send it further anytime.

March 8, 2022

Is there a free PDF scanner app?

We are sure that you are expecting a “yes” answer when asking this question. You might also have tried a few apps and websites before searching for other alternatives. 

All scanner apps have one thing in common: you will never need to look for a printer shop that can do scanning for you. 

The question is, “is it free? How good is it?” It is definitely not free when you are using an office printer or a private shop owner’s printer. However, the good news is that you can get a free PDF scanner instead. 

There are a few very good scanner apps that offer free PDF scanning, and LetsScan is one of them.

Unlike other scanner apps, LetsScan does not require a user to register in order to start scanning your documents. This saves you a lot of time. Besides, it does not collect any data from users, and thus it is safe to store documents inside the app. 

Some scanner apps give users a 3 days free trial. After the free trial, users need to subscribe either monthly or yearly. In this sense, yes, you can get a free PDF scanner, but only for 3 days. 

Except for the low price for getting the editable text out of a photo or a PDF file, LetsScan offers free use of other features including scanning a PDF file. 

Regardless of paying for the text extracting service, users do not have limits in using the scanner in LetsScan to scan documents or photos. 

It is not only free to use the scanner inside LetsScan, but also the quality is very high. 

When scanning a document or a photo, LetsScan allows users to take a photo or import photos or files from their iPhones. The quality of the scanned PDF file is very clear, and it is very intuitive to overview all documents inside the app.

The scanned PDF document done by LetsScan can be shared through multiple channels including Email, iMessenge, Social Media Chat, AirDrop etc. It still keeps its high quality when opened on a desktop. 

To sum up, it is free to use LetsScan if you want to scan a PDF document or an image file. The experience created by LetsScan is also effort free and space free. 

It is effort free because it gives users quick access to the scanner without logging in, and it cleans up any obstacles that slow or stop users from sending out a PDF file because it does not have a watermark or other similar limits.

It is space free because of its optimised UI design. Like a house, you are not only living in it, you are actually enjoying yourself staying in it.

March 1, 2022

How can LetsScan help you with studying?

As a scanner and a text extraction tool, LetsScan is perfect for students and teachers who read and write very often.

Here is what LetsScan can help you do better when doing reading and writing:

  1. Scan your notes and put them together at one place on your iPhone in the LetsScan app.
  2. Extract a paragraph from a book into LetsScan and copy paste instead of typing it.
  3. Take a screenshot of an uneditable text on a study website, and extract the text into LetsScan and copy paste.
  4. Forward your text from LetsScan to other devices, for example your PC.
  5. Get back to your notes and text in LetsScan whenever you want.
  6. Edit text and writing within LetScan.
  7. Upload images to your articles in LetsScan.

For exclusive studies such as driving licence school learning, LetsScan is very useful in making a record of your e-books which are normally purchased with conditions, fx. one-time payment, unique and time-limited login access, and not possible to copy, etc.

In language learning, LetsScan is powerful at its capability to read text aloud, and let learners copy a large text at one click and paste it into other tools such as translating. Compared to such relevant tools, LetsScan stands out at its convenience of accessing and managing the text in a user-friendly UI. This is important because it guarantees the effectiveness and accuracy of text reading and translation. 

During a writing workflow, LetsScan allows writers to store their resources and extracted text at one place. They can use LetsScan both as a text extracting tool and a privileged writing platform on an iPhone thanks to LetsScan’s advanced text editor.

LetsScan can absorb your study material in different formats and from varied platforms. All you have to do is to import your files into LetsScan and organise them all together. You will not need to worry about the internet when accessing your files from your iPhone because LetsScan does not ask a user to create an account nor does it require a wifi to be able to manage the documents. 

February 22, 2022

What are the pros and cons of a scanner app?

The greatest contribution of a scanner app is to avoid the helpless situation where you don’t have access to a printer.  In addition to that, it also has a lot of advantages that a printer can not do for you.

A scanner app is portable because the app is installed on your phone. It is basically a scanner in your pocket. This is very convenient because you are free to scan any documents from anywhere at any time.

The operation of scanning and exporting files is also much more optimised on a scanner app than on a traditional printer and scanner. Before we have scanner apps, people can only scan their documents on a scanner machine. The output is a physical scanned copy to a fax machine or a digital copy to an email inbox. The scanning theory of a scanner app is similar to a scanner machine, only that it simplifies the process by making it more handy and even more digital friendly.

A scanner app scans faster than a scanner machine because the camera reacts faster. After scanning, a scanner app normally saves the digital copy as a PDF file, and some saves it as an image file within the app. Some apps provide users to create their own accounts, and manage their documents inside the app. 

This gives a freedom to users to access the files regardless if they are in the scanning mode or not. This is an obvious pro for an app because managing files is only available during scanning and there are very limited options to do so on a scanner machine. By offering an option to store documents, an app makes it more powerful for users because they can decide whenever to export the files. Contradictory, users could only export their files once and only when they finish the scanning on a scanner machine. 

When exporting files, many scanner apps offer multiple options both in file formats and in communicating channels. For example, you could choose to export your files as PDF, PNG, RTF, and TXT formats in the LetsScan app, and LetsScan allows you to send your files through Email, iMessage, Airdrop, any social media chat channel, or saving to the Files folder on your iPhone.

In short, a scanner app is more flexible, faster, and powerful in document entry, managing, and transferring compared to a traditional scanner machine. 

However, scanner apps have their limits and challenges when it comes to the scanned quality (clearness and size) and the data space.

The best scanned quality is still owned by a scanner machine. If scanned correctly, the document scanned by a scanner machine is very clear and there is no noise background or uncompleted edges. 

To avoid the unwanted corners and background, many scanner apps provide filtering or cleaning up features. These features could be useful to improve the quality and it gives more options to decorate the documents at the same time. However, the clearness is still a challenge especially when the document is opened on a PC. 

Impressively,  LetsScan has proved to make the best scanned quality among other scanner apps by combining different scanning technologies in the coding languages. The quality remains high when opening a scanned document on a PC after being scanned by the LetsScan app.

The space issue is another challenge for many scanner apps. Image files take up a lot of space in a scanner app if not designed and coded strategically. LetsScan makes it a success in minimising the space issue through no needed account registration, and thus also makes it safe to use at the same time because it does not collect any users’ data.

To make a conclusion, there are actually more pros than cons when using a scanner app especially when you need to extract text from your scanned document. In fact, a market leading scanner app such as LetsScan not only gives you convenience but also offers you a high quality in scanning. Besides, it offers more academic and business centric services such as the OCR text extraction. The mission is to offer the best scanning experience to everyone.

February 15, 2022

A career insight of a visa consultant

I have tried many different careers in my 20s, and visa consulting is one of them. I never really planned to be in such a career, but somehow I was really good at it. 

A lot of career experts teach you how to plan your career and prepare your CV, and yet they also tell you that a lot of job positions (by “a lot” they mean about 80% in Denmark) are unannounced. So, you go and figure it out. 

Thanks to my work experience in two related jobs, I grabbed the chance of the “unseen job opportunity” by reaching out to my target network within immigration service. I became a Deputy Operations Manager for a startup company that provides visa service for companies and individuals in Denmark.

As a small team, we had a lot of fun while filing those endless papers for our clients. In fact, one very happy fact about being a visa consultant is that you see the genuine smiles on people’s faces as though you have saved their lives.  

One day, a couple showed up at our office without any appointment record. The man was holding a plastic folder in his right hand. There were two passports and some papers inside the folder. They both looked very polite, and they asked if we could help them even though they did not make an appointment in advance. 

We never rejected a client no matter how busy a day turned out to be. My professional instinct led me to check their passports as the first thing. As a person who worked for visa applications, I needed to make sure that above all other things, a passport should be in good shape. It should not expire very soon, especially not within three months. There should be at least one empty page for receiving a visa stamp. 

The second thing was to clearly understand the destination, purpose, and duration of our clients’ trips. The following procedure was just about if they had the right documents prepared, and what they should do if they didn’t. 

The problems of our 90-year-old couple clients were that they did not understand how the bureaucracy worked, and they could not use a computer. So I spent two hours explaining everything to them, filling the online application, printing the filled forms and copies of all necessary documents including the passport information page, and telling them that we will take care of the rest.

In the end, before they said goodbye, I saw a smile on the wife’s face that was so relieved and so happy. That moment has really gotten into my heart, as if within a mundane work life I have brought real joy to others, and I have received a rewarding joy in return. 

The biggest motivation for working in such a career is the satisfaction of solving the problems for others. The problems mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the time, there are problems that are more urgent than that, for example some clients contacted us because they wanted to fly the next day.    

Collecting the right document and communicating the right message is key in solving such emergent issues. To tackle such challenges, being organised and efficient is the least qualification a visa consultant should have.   

Inside my colleagues’ and my heads, there was a timetable, a map of embassies, and then there was this ever-changing document list. It was ever-changing because the embassies’ rules are changing all the time, and we became very resilient and patient when it came to preparing the documents. 

In fact, a document list was a huge part of filing for a visa application. A well functional scanner and printer was a must in creating such a business. In reality we needed to scan and print so much that I sometimes doubt if we are really living in the 21st century. 

I have now changed my career, but when I think of those hectic days, I know that a mobile app such as LetsScan could be really useful for solving all the unnecessary problems when someone has to go through all the documenting tasks.  

It is especially true when you don’t have your passport at hand, or you don’t have a scanner near you, and you need to send a scanned copy of something to somebody that is demanding it, and you can not do anything but do whatever you are asked to do.

February 8, 2022

Why is LetsScan so useful for academics?

If you are a teacher or a student or a writer of any kind, then you are looking at the right article. 

It is inevitable that academics will come across image information that is useful during their research or teaching process. An image as a medium conveys very powerful messages, but as a format of storing information, it could be a problem sometimes. 

Not being able to edit what is written in an image format file is one of the typical challenges that academics are facing. For smart brains who always think faster than the reality, one may want to turn to AI technology for help, meaning that there is a hope that a tool can help to solve this problem much faster than any manual efforts. 

In fact, the hope is very promising, and many academics actually know more about the OCR technology than other professionals. OCR stands for optical character recognition, and it is a technology that is used to recognize printed or locked text and then show them in plaintext.

The OCR technology is widely used in the research field of pattern studies, fx. text patterns and ancient text restoration. Nowadays, this AI technology has become more popular due to the fact that we are gathering information all the time. By using the OCR technology to extract text from an image or PDF of text, academics can improve their efficiency of information gathering a lot faster.   

There are many apps and websites that are providing the OCR service in the name of “Image to Text”. It is not about converting an image file to a text file per se, but instead, it is about capturing the text on an image and saving it in a TXT file. 

However, why are there still problems when there are so many tools on the market? We asked some academics, and here are the answers:

“I tried a few apps, and none of them worked very well. The one I am using now is more or less useful in showing me most of the text correctly, but it is often the case that it has a problem in image sizes, and this is very annoying.” Dr.Yan told us. 

“I really need such an app, but it has to be better. I am sure that I am not alone.” Dr.Yan works as a Lecturer of Linguistics at a university in China. She said that image source is a huge part of her information gathering material, and a text extracting app could be very useful in proceeding such information intelligently. 

Yes, it has to be better. This is a mission that LetsScan team carries in heart from the moment the app was created. LetsScan team members have a combination of background in computer science, journalism, and senior graphic design. They are not satisfied with the ordinary. They are proud to present to the world the best text extraction technology for all academics.

In the LetsScan App, there won’t be unnecessary technical problems such as the limit of image size, or the suffering of waiting for a slow extraction, or the bizarreness of “errors” etc.

In contrast, what makes LetsScan different from any other similar apps is its success in making the text extraction process seamless and fast. In addition, it shows the most accurate text and it gives users the greatest freedom to edit their text information inside the app. 

Most importantly, it is different because LetsScan is created by academics for academics. 

February 1, 2022

What’s LetsScan? Find Out The Best Document Scanner App.

LetsScan combines all the tools you need to prepare text for the final draft in writing of any kind and to finish work faster during any type of workflow especially during project management.

Academies, writers, marketers, students, bankers, journalists, consultants, governmental staff,  and designers, etc. are using LetsScan to save their time and assist with scanning, writing, editing, converting, commenting, and signing documents in their jobs. 


It is safe and easy to make a digital copy of everything and edit inside LetsScan. You have all your documents in one place.

Your digital documents can be saved in folders and shared as JPG or PDF format. It is fast to sort and search for all documents across folders. It is possible to import.

You can pull the text out from an image or a PDF file and save it in an editable text file. 

You can rotate a document to the right position. You can put filters to your documents or images to create different effects. You can sign on the image or PDF with your hand drawing signature and then save the signed document. You can add new text to the files. 

In writing needs, by scanning a hardcopy  or a photo of everything such as books, screenshots, images, a digital PDF file, etc., you will not only make your digital copies, but also be able to pull the original text out of the scanned copies into editable text within less than one second. 

LetsScan maximises the utility of the captured text by giving users a handy toolbox. You can style or edit your text before sharing it as TXT, RTF, PDF, and JPG. Copy and paste, change font-size, add colours, and highlight the text etc. become so easy to do on your phone. 

LetsScan not only extracts text from your images and files, it also has a fantastic text to speech reader feature. You can let your text read aloud. The words will be highlighted while it is read aloud. You can pause the speech at any moment. 


LetsScan is the fastest scanning app on the market. 

It presents almost 100% accuracy in the text OCR recognition results. It helps to improve your typing productivity by up to 99%. It has the most powerful text capturing and editing tool that is built to connect with a scanned document and all offline data. 

It is flexible and helpful for writing. It serves the best for quickly getting a draft text without typing and continuing writing.

This is very useful for writers, bloggers, marketers, researchers, students, and designers who can take a screenshot of any inspiring writings and designs, and make full use of them in a very efficient way. For writers and researchers, it helps to draft your first script fast and import it into other writing platforms such as Scrivener, Final Draft, or Ulysses etc.

LetsScan is a powerful tool to assist with your project management. When using Trello, Jira, Confluence, Podio, or Manday.com, you will find LetsScan super useful in taking screenshots of important notes and updates and making it easier for you to attach files and text from your phone directly to these platforms. 

LetsScan also helps dramatically in the daily data registration process. The fabulous app can quickly transfer the printed batch numbers and other information into your clipboard or any other digital platform. It makes the time distance between receiving packages and uploading data into your Dynamics software system such as Microsoft Dynamics C5 so much shorter. It saves your time and thus your cost.

For bankers and similar professionals, LetsScan provides an easy way to sign legal documents. It is designed to minimise the signing process. It helps customers to achieve rapid exchange of transaction documents in the business world. 


No internet is needed to scan, edit, and save documents.

No account registration is required to use the app. 

No data is collected or tracked by the app at any time.

Powerful extra PDF converter tools