As a scanner and a text extraction tool, LetsScan is perfect for students and teachers who read and write very often.

Here is what LetsScan can help you do better when doing reading and writing:

  1. Scan your notes and put them together at one place on your iPhone in the LetsScan app.
  2. Extract a paragraph from a book into LetsScan and copy paste instead of typing it.
  3. Take a screenshot of an uneditable text on a study website, and extract the text into LetsScan and copy paste.
  4. Forward your text from LetsScan to other devices, for example your PC.
  5. Get back to your notes and text in LetsScan whenever you want.
  6. Edit text and writing within LetScan.
  7. Upload images to your articles in LetsScan.

For exclusive studies such as driving licence school learning, LetsScan is very useful in making a record of your e-books which are normally purchased with conditions, fx. one-time payment, unique and time-limited login access, and not possible to copy, etc.

In language learning, LetsScan is powerful at its capability to read text aloud, and let learners copy a large text at one click and paste it into other tools such as translating. Compared to such relevant tools, LetsScan stands out at its convenience of accessing and managing the text in a user-friendly UI. This is important because it guarantees the effectiveness and accuracy of text reading and translation. 

During a writing workflow, LetsScan allows writers to store their resources and extracted text at one place. They can use LetsScan both as a text extracting tool and a privileged writing platform on an iPhone thanks to LetsScan’s advanced text editor.

LetsScan can absorb your study material in different formats and from varied platforms. All you have to do is to import your files into LetsScan and organise them all together. You will not need to worry about the internet when accessing your files from your iPhone because LetsScan does not ask a user to create an account nor does it require a wifi to be able to manage the documents.