A great text recognition technology is important for everyone, especially academia and the business community. It solves your problems at work and improves your productivity dramatically.

When will you need to copy text from an image to your phone? 

  1. When someone hands you a business card.
  2. When you receive a screenshot that shows a list of important items.
  3. You want to copy the names of your many folders on your PC.
  4. When you want to repeat the same paragraph from a legal document.
  5. If you collect famous quotes from classic literature authors. 
  6. You have references in image format during your research.
  7. You are doing text mining. 
  8. You are doing qualitative data analysis in a software such as NVivo.
  9. You are doing media analysis.
  10. You are doing discourse analysis.
  11. You are a linguist. 
  12. And other cases.

How do you copy text from an image to your phone?

  1. Download the LetsScan app on the Apple App Store to your iPhone.
  2. Open LetsScan.
  3. Open your image either by taking a picture or inserting through your iPhone photo library or files.
  4. Click the “Scan” icon in the image file.
  5. LetsScan will show you the most accurate editable text that is scanned from your image.
  6. Copy the text to your clipboard.
  7. Or send the text as RTF and TXT format to other devices.
  8. Or make changes in LetsScan to your text.
  9. Export your text as PDF, PNG, RTF, and TXT files. 
  10. Go back to your image and close the file.
  11. The image is saved in LetsScan.
  12. When you open the image and click “scan” again, it will show your latest text if you have made changes. 

The above process works the same for a PDF file if you want to copy all text from a PDF file.