We are sure that you are expecting a “yes” answer when asking this question. You might also have tried a few apps and websites before searching for other alternatives. 

All scanner apps have one thing in common: you will never need to look for a printer shop that can do scanning for you. 

The question is, “is it free? How good is it?” It is definitely not free when you are using an office printer or a private shop owner’s printer. However, the good news is that you can get a free PDF scanner instead. 

There are a few very good scanner apps that offer free PDF scanning, and LetsScan is one of them.

Unlike other scanner apps, LetsScan does not require a user to register in order to start scanning your documents. This saves you a lot of time. Besides, it does not collect any data from users, and thus it is safe to store documents inside the app. 

Some scanner apps give users a 3 days free trial. After the free trial, users need to subscribe either monthly or yearly. In this sense, yes, you can get a free PDF scanner, but only for 3 days. 

Except for the low price for getting the editable text out of a photo or a PDF file, LetsScan offers free use of other features including scanning a PDF file. 

Regardless of paying for the text extracting service, users do not have limits in using the scanner in LetsScan to scan documents or photos. 

It is not only free to use the scanner inside LetsScan, but also the quality is very high. 

When scanning a document or a photo, LetsScan allows users to take a photo or import photos or files from their iPhones. The quality of the scanned PDF file is very clear, and it is very intuitive to overview all documents inside the app.

The scanned PDF document done by LetsScan can be shared through multiple channels including Email, iMessenge, Social Media Chat, AirDrop etc. It still keeps its high quality when opened on a desktop. 

To sum up, it is free to use LetsScan if you want to scan a PDF document or an image file. The experience created by LetsScan is also effort free and space free. 

It is effort free because it gives users quick access to the scanner without logging in, and it cleans up any obstacles that slow or stop users from sending out a PDF file because it does not have a watermark or other similar limits.

It is space free because of its optimised UI design. Like a house, you are not only living in it, you are actually enjoying yourself staying in it.