The greatest contribution of a scanner app is to avoid the helpless situation where you don’t have access to a printer.  In addition to that, it also has a lot of advantages that a printer can not do for you.

A scanner app is portable because the app is installed on your phone. It is basically a scanner in your pocket. This is very convenient because you are free to scan any documents from anywhere at any time.

The operation of scanning and exporting files is also much more optimised on a scanner app than on a traditional printer and scanner. Before we have scanner apps, people can only scan their documents on a scanner machine. The output is a physical scanned copy to a fax machine or a digital copy to an email inbox. The scanning theory of a scanner app is similar to a scanner machine, only that it simplifies the process by making it more handy and even more digital friendly.

A scanner app scans faster than a scanner machine because the camera reacts faster. After scanning, a scanner app normally saves the digital copy as a PDF file, and some saves it as an image file within the app. Some apps provide users to create their own accounts, and manage their documents inside the app. 

This gives a freedom to users to access the files regardless if they are in the scanning mode or not. This is an obvious pro for an app because managing files is only available during scanning and there are very limited options to do so on a scanner machine. By offering an option to store documents, an app makes it more powerful for users because they can decide whenever to export the files. Contradictory, users could only export their files once and only when they finish the scanning on a scanner machine. 

When exporting files, many scanner apps offer multiple options both in file formats and in communicating channels. For example, you could choose to export your files as PDF, PNG, RTF, and TXT formats in the LetsScan app, and LetsScan allows you to send your files through Email, iMessage, Airdrop, any social media chat channel, or saving to the Files folder on your iPhone.

In short, a scanner app is more flexible, faster, and powerful in document entry, managing, and transferring compared to a traditional scanner machine. 

However, scanner apps have their limits and challenges when it comes to the scanned quality (clearness and size) and the data space.

The best scanned quality is still owned by a scanner machine. If scanned correctly, the document scanned by a scanner machine is very clear and there is no noise background or uncompleted edges. 

To avoid the unwanted corners and background, many scanner apps provide filtering or cleaning up features. These features could be useful to improve the quality and it gives more options to decorate the documents at the same time. However, the clearness is still a challenge especially when the document is opened on a PC. 

Impressively,  LetsScan has proved to make the best scanned quality among other scanner apps by combining different scanning technologies in the coding languages. The quality remains high when opening a scanned document on a PC after being scanned by the LetsScan app.

The space issue is another challenge for many scanner apps. Image files take up a lot of space in a scanner app if not designed and coded strategically. LetsScan makes it a success in minimising the space issue through no needed account registration, and thus also makes it safe to use at the same time because it does not collect any users’ data.

To make a conclusion, there are actually more pros than cons when using a scanner app especially when you need to extract text from your scanned document. In fact, a market leading scanner app such as LetsScan not only gives you convenience but also offers you a high quality in scanning. Besides, it offers more academic and business centric services such as the OCR text extraction. The mission is to offer the best scanning experience to everyone.