LetsScan is a simple but powerful scanning app. It has many useful features that are commonly used for daily office and study scanning, and it gives users the best scanning experience through an optimised design. 

Here are a few reasons explaining why you should consider LetsScan in your daily work and study:

1. The best scanned quality 

There are a lot of benefits using LetsScan to scan a copy of your documents. It is convenient and it has the best quality among all scanning apps. 

Scanning both sides of IDs into one document, or scanning multiple pages of a document into one PDF file are all easy. 

The scanned quality is very clear and sharp. 

You can decide to keep your scanned result as an image or as a PDF file.

Exporting your scanned documents is free.

You can share your documents as PDF or PNG formats. 

2. The most powerful text recognition (OCR) tool

LetsScan makes it super easy to recognise text from images and PDF files. It stores the text into an editable text editor.

You will get the exact text that you are aiming for, and it is REALLY working FAST. 

With only one click, then you can copy all text into your clipboard. 

Having the greatest text editor installed in LetsScan, you will enjoy a journey of undisturbing writing and making changes to your text. 

Given the many possibilities of text actions, LetsScan allows you to do more than just one task at a time, fx. copying and pasting, editing, reading aloud, formatting, etc.

3. Free import and export (no watermark)

Import and export is possible in LetsScan. Exporting does not add any unnecessary water mark. It is totally clean and free to share your documents to any platform. 

4. Easy to overview and organise documents.

There are three possibilities to overview documents in LetsScan. All are clearly designed and pleasant to the eyes.

Users enjoy a seamless easiness in document actions. Delete, share, open, move to folders, rename, and get text from a document are all accessible through the quick action.

It is smooth to navigate among documents and folders.

The search functionality allows users to quickly find the wanted documents. 

5. Sign a document on your iPhone

You can sign a document in LetsScan by taking a photo or importing from your photo library or files on iPhone. 

Style your signature in colours.

Move your signature to anywhere in your document. 

Send signed documents forward to your colleagues.

6. No ads.